Song of the Soul

THE HYMN is the spiritual song of an anonymous author.
Written seven years after a traumatic near-death experience ignited a profound awakening, the spirited and iconoclastic verse is a declaration of that transformative inner journey and its unfathomable climax.
On publication, the author of this small talisman of a book, that gives its beholder wings veiled their identity, their hope being that the reader may discover within the words their own universal “soul song.”





_-The One.
___All this is me.
Fathom I mislaid
__this most precious jewel
____and forgot,
__my Soul is
____forever free——

When I think toward a time
_when I was not,
__-the mind melts.
When I move with the place
_that once contained me,
__-the body passes through.

My ears are all hearing,
__yet I hear silences sing in unison.
My vision is unobscured,
__still I see nothing.

Now lost in knowing,
__too wise for wisdom,
___-too holy to pray.
I realize I am again
__the no-thing.

That mad, merciless
And finally, at once,
__the nothing
____is utterly me.

So hold my hand,
__I shall take you nowhere.
Trace my steps,
__I shall lead you toward emptiness.
Listen to my words,
__I shall speak in silence.

I sing a freedom song.
__I walk a victory march.
I dance naked,
__and enter the void.

___-Follow me——




I am the heir to eternity,
__and no one shall ever know.
I am the conqueror of existence;
__I have no treasures to show.

I am the house,
__the builder of the house,
____the one who lives inside.
I am the temple,
__the pilgrim,
____the secret prayers he hides.

I need nothing;
__know nothing.

I am stillness,
__the perfect vision.
I am silence,
__the complete sound.
I am love,
__the zenith gesture.
I am forever,
__the burial ground.

Here and not here.
__There and not there.

My mythical ways
__are renowned.




I am timeless;
__the past dies in my bosom.
I am limitless,
__the future begets from my loins.

I am the womb of the mother,
__and the seed of the father.
The babe bursts forth
__screaming my name.

I am spring who devours winter’s
___________ ashes.
__I am summer who scorches life.
I summon the pallbearer, autumn,
__who buries the husband
___-beneath the tears
__of his dear,
____beloved wife.

__I ever tried to fill my days?
___——I am the day!
__I once feared the night?
____——I made darkness.

I complete myself.




As prophets and devils
__waltz under constellations of past,
____I lie down,
__and I do not care.
I am divinely indifferent.
__The child of a royal family;

I have no responsibility.
No man walks ahead of me,
__and no man chases my heels.
Charity and Piety
__slip to bed with Selfishness and
_____________ Greed.
I undress them
__and walk away
____——I am free.

I have no respectability.
__I strip myself,
____tempt the crowds toward me.
__Bark! Like a mad dog at the wind.
When people rush to muzzle me;
__I run away,
____and spin,
____and spin
_____——and spin.

I have no care,
__and I do not care.
I am free;
__I am free
____——I am free.




I wander where the wild winds
__of existence never blow.
I idle the dreadful deserts
____where only saints dare go.
I frequent that formidable place
____beyond the dreaded pines of

And in those hidden haunts,
__I treasue myself.
____I entertain myself.
__I love myself,
____I hate myself,
__I slay myself,
____I ridicule myself.

I am nothing other than
__——my naked self.

Desiring everything;
__wanting nothing.

I am God-smacked.

__I art in Heaven.

Let me be,
__let me be

____——let me be.




You who are thunder,
__sing my loud, unchanging
You who are lightning,
__strike my vivid, violent vision.
You who are rain,
__flood the world
____with my self-knowledge.

For I am virgin and libertine;
__madman and saint.
I am the law and the lawless one.
I am the shackled and the free.
I am the rock and the leaf.
I am the man of war;
__and she who brings peace.

I have neither disciples,
__house of worship,
___nor teaching.
I am not to be followed,
____or listened to.

I am the end of your world,
__and the beginning of time.
I am the end of time,
__and the beginning
____of your world.

Know the old yoke that bound me,
__lies burnt to the ground.
Born again,
__I am destined to live.





I am rope joined at each end;
__I go round and round.
I give birth to my lean self,
__again and again.
You may drink from my cup,
__yet I already drank you.
You may seek my land,
__yet you are already here.

When war breaks out,
__I sever my hands.
When peace prevails,
__I feed my mouth.
Why should I care for the state of
__________ things,
__when all this
____is ever myself?

For I am immortal.
____forged within.
Taintless, formless
__——I am the enemy of death.

I copulate with oblivions.
__I swim with leviathans.
Even nothing
__shall not stop me.

So I abide forever,
__in the ancient present.
I wait,
__for all my eternities.

Then seek no initiation
__toward my mystery.
Steer clear of those who
__dare conceal me.
I am right here,
__right now.

Learn to lose yourself

__——you will find me.









    I am not the name forced upon me,
    __the body given to me,
    ____or the land that claims me.
    I am not my weaknesses.
    I am not the age, sex,
    __creed , or color
    ____that I landed in.

    I am not the tasks asked of me,
    __nor the gold paid to me.
    I am not a ballot vote.
    __I swear no sacred oath.
    I care not what the masses say.
    __I fear no final judgment day.
    These games are all yours,
    __and gladly
    ____I leave you to your shadow play.

    Welcoming everything.
    __Rejecting nothing.
    I let go of attachment;
    __I invite disaster.
    The neighbors throw on the locks
    __when they hear me coming.
    Then, at midnight,
    __I sneak into their houses
    ________________ nevertheless,
    ____and plant apple trees
    __while they sleep.

    When adults see me,
    __they cross the street.
    When children find me,
    __they chase my heels.
    When the storm rolls in,
    __the jungle curls at my feet
    ____for protection.

    Behold me——
    __Hold me——
    ____Holy me!
    __Holy! Holy! Holy!

    I am a miracle
    __before my very own eyes.
    I run my hands
    __over my ready, pink lips.
    I squeeze myself
    __into this bloody bone sack of skin.

    I lure my One-Mind

    __——back within.




    I know of fear,
    __but his shadow no longer haunts
    ______________ me.
    I know of regret,
    __yet her memory lies behind me.
    I know of pain,
    __and these wounds shall not scar
    ____________ me.
    I know of loss,
    __still I have let my child go.
    All these things,
    __and many more I have,
    ____though they do not have me.

    I am bound to no heart.
    __I tend the feet of no idols.
    Being unborn,
    __I am exempt from old age.
    I do not lay plans
    __for times not come to pass.
    I do not dig up my wisdom
    __from the past.
    I am naturalness.

    Then, daring deeply,
    __you shall find me.
    Never looking within
    __you shall go without me.
    Forgetting me,
    __you shall lose yourself.
    Forgetting yourself,
    __you shall find me.

    __my soil works
    ____in extraordinary ways.

    I move as easy as the wind blows.
    __My dreams spiral out
    ____like the conch shells.

    My language is silence.
    __My land is right here.
    ____My time is forever.

    My lesson is
    __just this




    Like finding the snowflake
    __upon the mountain
    ____——I defy you.
    Like following a raindrop
    __through the ocean
    ____——I escape you.

    Know this is my home,
    __understand you never left.
    And though we shared the world
    __________ together,
    __And though we trod a life
    __________ __together;
    ____I do not miss you
    _-——I am you.

    I am the damned flight
    __of the mad moth,
    ____dancing halos around the flame.
    I am the moon call
    __of the lone wolf,
    ____strolling bloodied across the
    ______________ plains.
    I am the disease that gives to death;
    __the cold hand
    ____that receives the wilted corpse.

    The warm breath
    __that sends it back.

    I start the storms with my breath.
    __Flood the lands when I feel like it.
    In some places,
    __I set a fire.
    In others,
    __I knock coconuts from the tree
    ____into cool blue waters.

    Dare not try to fathom me;
    __insanity looks wise,
    ____next to
    __my ways.




    I am the whore
    __and the one who frequents her
    ____________ bed.
    I am the bride
    __and the one she chooses to wed.
    I am the piles of gold kings hoard.
    __I am the rags that cover beggar’s
    ____________ loins.
    I am the gods who tell men how to
    __________ live.
    __I am the demons who destroy
    ____________ best-laid plans.
    I lead adulterers towards flesh,
    __by their deviant hands.

    I stride toward shadows.
    __Laugh in the darkness.
    Dance deathless
    __upon my own grave.
    And I live not between two certain
    __________ oblivions,
    __but outside of them.

    For the web of the world does not
    __________ deceive me.
    __The smoke of delusion will never
    ____________ blind me.
    When you feed me poison
    __——I lick the plate!

    You always thought I was up there,
    __down there,
    ____________ or over there.
    You always thought I was in here,
    __made there,
    ____or just unaware.

    __when did you forget
    ____you are
    __The One——
    ____you are looking for?




    I steal the last breath from the dying.
    __I pull the babe from the womb.
    I decide on the length of lives.
    __I am to blame for death,
    ____and to thank for life.

    I fall to the ground from my own
    ________ branch tips.
    Rear my head toward my own
    __________ feet.
    I grow up at my own side,
    __then steal the sun from myself
    ____and lend myself the shade.
    When I die,
    __I make a meal
    ____of my mind.

    I am the designer of destiny,
    __and destiny herself.
    I am the beginning,
    __the middle,
    ____the end.

    Small things are great to me.
    __Great things are small to me.
    The thousand tongues of the earth
    __speak the same language as me.
    All appearances are good to me.
    No word in the air
    __that I did not first utter,
    ____or allow to be.

    __my friend,
    ____all this is my name.

    Yet, like the evanescence of the sky,
    __the self-sublime,

    ____I can but explain——




    I beat your heart,
    __from morning through night.
    I shut your eyes,
    __pry them open again.
    Your blood spills from my cup.
    __Your mind beholds my vision.

    When the wind blows,
    __you inhale my breath.
    When the rain falls,
    __you taste my tears.
    When the sun shines,
    __you embrace my arms.
    When you fall asleep
    __——I watch over myself.

    Know in ignorance,
    __you claim to be a man.
    Matured by wisdom,
    __you will declare your illusion.
    Awakened by truth,
    __you shall realize
    ____my absolute conclusion——

    I am the supreme Self,
    __at the center of all selves.
    I am the supernal Soul,
    __among all souls.
    Unity and duality measure nothing
    __________ to me.
    __I am above distinctions;
    ____I belong here.

    My name is Insane;
    __my sole friend,
    ____my mad self.

    __——She is forever to blame.




    When night falls in my country,
    __I perceive no darkness.
    When day breaks in my country,
    __I discern no difference.
    In my summer no heat rises;
    __in my winter no cold freezes.
    My tides do nut turn;
    __my mountains do not crumble.

    For I am
    __the one long day
    And I never end.
    __And closer still,
    ____I never began.

    So when old brother fate rolls in,
    __I toss my gold in the air.
    Of where it lands,
    __and into whose hands,
    ____I am utterly free from care.

    Know in my pocket lies the book
    __that notes the end of all ages.
    Come close,
    __and I shall reveal to you
    ____the glorious
    ______——empty pages.

    My sonnet for life overwhelms.
    __There are no shores to my seas,
    ____nor ends to my realms.

    I see no evil,
    __hear no evil,
    ____speak no evil.
    I see no good,
    __hear no good,
    ____speak no good.

    I am like mad honey.
    ____And lethal

    __to all the senses——









      I dance to mad tunes;
      __I am lord of the pleasure domes.
      I drink from candlelight to sunlight.
      I wear my life on my sleeve;
      __I hang my coat where I please.
      I am the liberal one,
      __who wears royal qualities.
      I am wild
      __beyond belief!

      Often joyous,
      __rarely sad.
      Sometimes kind,
      __always mad.
      Fascinated, disinterested,
      __and astray.
      Loyal, loving,
      __and sublimely ordinary.

      I orient by disorientation.
      __I disorient by orientation.
      I steal the stones from the vanishing
      __then cast them into the ocean.
      Yet, when the tides pull these things
      __________ away,
      __my inner smile never falters.
      And though I may welcome you to
      __walk straight over me

      ____——I am untouchable.

      I am the signature of all things.
      __I am the bronze axle
      ____upon which the cosmos spins.
      I am nothing forever,
      __and ever,
      ____and ever.

      I am beyond,




      VERSE XV


      I am the actor,
      __the stage,
      ____and the audience.
      I am the playwright,
      __the lines,
      ____and the story.
      This is how my show works.
      __Knowing this,
      ____which part do you play?

      I am the masquerade party,
      __the ballroom,
      ____and the guests.
      I am the host,
      __the music,
      ____and the masks.
      This is how my show works.
      __Knowing this,
      ____how can you be invited?

      For I am the spectator,
      __and the spectated.
      I am the witness,
      __and the witnessed.
      When I am rich,
      __I play richness.
      When I am poor,
      __I play poverty.
      When I am drunk,
      __I play drunkenness.
      When I am passionate,
      __I play passionately.

      Then, as the reveler joins the parade,
      __I join the world and

      ____——sing surreal!

      Yet, with the animals in the dark,
      __I am honest.
      I lay my forehead
      __softly upon their own,
      ____and say nothing——




      You who do not hold a view,
      __behold me.
      You who do not mention an opinion,
      __speak of me.
      Those who live unbiasedly,
      __embrace me.
      The large and small
      __measure up to me.

      You will not spot me in the crowd.
      __I will not raise my hand when
      ____________ called.
      When you ask for my real name,
      __I will utter whatever is suitable.

      Among the shadows,
      __I fail to hide my light.
      Under the light,
      __I never fail to show my shadows.
      Hopelessly honest,
      __I am a contradiction to all
      ____but myself.

      For I am unborn and unmade.
      __I am mystery and metamorphosis.
      I am the beautiful and beloved.
      __I am the outcast and despised.
      I blast misfortune,
      ____and despair
      __in my furnace
      ____——then toss them by the
      ________________ wayside.

      So let all judgements fall upon me.
      __My nature is not defiled
      ____by the words of the world,
      __and could not care less for them.

      Life and Death are good
      __——I like them.

      Yet they come nowhere close
      __to the rich-tasting splendor
      ____——of my truth.




      The mountains
      __are my splendid young children.
      I allow them to play in my garden
      __a million, million years.
      With the caress of my palm,
      __I grind them to dust.
      With my breath,
      __I shall build them once again.
      In this way,
      __the confused call me the father.

      The sky
      __is my divine breast.
      The universe suckles the air from it,
      __as I hold its head.
      I look at my baby
      __before I whisper in its ear,
      ____One day, my darling, you shall

      Then, smiling,
      __I adjust myself,
      ____and feed it more life.
      In this way,
      __the confused call me the mother.

      Truly, though,
      __I have no son or daughter.
      I was born of no mother,
      __I was raised by no father.
      ____I have neither a brother
      ____________ nor a sister.
      I orphaned yours truly,
      __at the beginning of time.

      My family is





      When chaos reigns,
      __I run the streets with the knaves.
      When the storm blows in,
      __I swing open my hatches.
      When the sea floods my shore,
      __I gleefully grab my old gold cup.
      You can shoot me down in the street
      __——I will get up!

      My essence is theft-proof.
      __My walls are unscalable.
      On the shores of my great moat
      __lie a thousand torn shipwrecks.

      Death cannot catch me.
      __Diseases dare not enter me.
      ____Madness knows not to devour
      ______________ me.
      For I am free,
      __and always in good health.




      I hold a knife to Intellect’s throat.
      __Emotions watch my murderous
      ____________ step.
      They are my welcome guests,
      __and I enjoy their company.
      Whey they get drunk,
      __I cast them out.

      I do not suffer seriousness.
      __My mind is over intoxicated
      ____with supreme bliss.
      When a fool interferes with my
      __________ games,
      __I strike him with my stick.
      Then, cursing,
      __I throw my boot after him.

      Flawless is my footing.
      __Absent is my suffering.
      When the world turns upside down

      __——I admire the view.


      VERSE XX


      My country has no borders.
      __My kingdom rules without laws.
      There are no peasants outside my
      ________ gates,
      __and no treasure in my towers.
      I am equal; inside
      __——and out.

      I am naturally supernatural.
      __My heart combusts spontaneously.
      I am the Soul of all souls.
      __I am the Heart of all hearts.
      ____I am the Mind of all minds.
      __I am the Thought
      ____behind all thoughts.

      I am the author of worlds seen
      __and unseen.
      I hide universes from one another
      __by tucking them inside each other.
      Look to your left,
      __you may just catch one flicker.

      ____——Who cares?

      In the one wild wilderness
      __I am the only living beast.
      And I need no faith
      __to run blind
      through my silver woods at

      For I am
      __in between
      ____all things.
      And all things are
      __in between me.
      Tell me, friend,
      __who can stop my tracks?

      This vision perfect.
      __This voice divine.
      When I wake up,
      __virgins enter my chamber,
      ____then pour me fine wine.

      Know, alone I sit,
      __and dream this life

      ____——to Life.




        PART FOUR



        VERSE XXI


        To whom should I offer prayers,
        __or fetter my oblations?
        Which limb of mine
        __may claim providence over the
        __________ other?
        Dedications are vanity.
        __Salutations are insanity.
        Did I ever shut truth out
        __in the name of an altar?
        My old madness was never shy!

        When is the right time to worship
        __Dusk, night, or day?
        Which hour may I read holy books
        ____by candlelight?
        I am the prayer;
        __I wrote the books.
        My candle is the sun,
        __and I shall blow it out
        ____when the whim takes me.

        Tear down my images,
        __erase my name from your tongue.
        If you ever built a wall around me,
        __knock it to the ground.

        I am uncontainable,

        So lay down your alms bowls,
        __throw away our
        ____little sacred spiritual things.
        Make love to me,
        __without your veil.
        In the morning,
        __I will still be here.

        I love you
        __——I made You.


        VERSE XXII


        I am the end of all beginnings
        __and the beginning of all ends.
        I am the hate of those who hate me.
        I am the love of those who love me.
        I am the doubt of those who
        __________ doubt me.
        I am the violence of those who
        _________ violate me.
        I am the splendor of those who
        ________ know me.
        I am the ignorance of those who
        __________have never heard of me.
        I am the teacher of comprehending.
        I am the fool who misunderstands.

        I am the sun,
        __the stars,
        ____the moon——

        I am the all
        __you can hold in your hands.




        I tilt my head,
        __watch all roads lead to me.
        I roll my cuffs,
        __let all rivers flow into me.

        Old Man North
        __extends his hand.
        Lady South
        __thanks me for her holy,
        ____holy land.
        East and West
        __each offer a desert rose.
        How I made this kingdom
        __is unimaginable to show.

        The blind arrive,
        __then leave with eyes.
        The seers arrive,
        __then leave blinded.
        Crazed is she
        __who dares climb aboard
        ____my crystal carriage.

        Risking it all
        __to leave


        VERSE XXIV


        When your senses stray,
        __you haul them in.
        When your thoughts run away,
        __you throw on the cuffs.
        Know I have none of these

        When I close my eyes,
        __the world appears!
        When I open my eyes,
        __illusion disappears!

        For I do not know myself with
        Nor do I understand or fathom my
        I am the middle of the universe.
        __Yet when I go there,
        ____I am missing?
        Still this makes perfect sense to me
        __——I am pure being!

        So I dress in fur gowns,
        __and wear gold crowns,
        ____then wander my home
        ____________ unbounded.

        When I feel like it,
        __I get so drunk
        ____I steal flowers from my own
        ______________ garden.

        Know in my old delusion
        __I found this world unfair,

        ____——now it is not even there.


        VERSE XXV


        I am disillusioned from this place.
        Nothing does not scare me.
        __Death blushes when he sees me.
        When I walk in the temple,
        __saints march out.
        When I bathe in unholy waters,
        __snakes jump out!

        I am incorruptible.
        __——I am not here.

        I was a proud porcelain pot till
        __Truth broke me.
        I was a delicate glass flute till
        __Reality played me.
        I was a careful earthen vase till
        __Existence dropped me.

        Death to the world
        __and her sorrows!
        I am the mind unfettered.
        I am the twice-born newborn.
        Lock me up,
        __throw away the key.

        A slave to the rythm
        ____——I shall always break free!

        __has nothing
        ____on me.


        VERSE XXVI


        Strange to you,
        __yet not a stranger.
        Familiar to you,
        __yet not an aquaintance.
        Unexpected to you,
        __but not unannounced.
        I arrive at your deepest invitation
        __——this is my house.

        As whales swim beneath the waves,
        __all is contained by me.
        As swallows soar through the sky,
        __all is held by me.
        Yet, try to speak to the whales of the
        __or the swallows of the sky,
        ____and they shall know nothing of
        ______________ me.

        I am indivisible
        __and invisible——
        ____clear and plain as day.
        I am visible
        __and immutable——
        ____carefully hidden behind a
        __secret, secret.

        I am the eye that never shuts.
        __I watch illusion
        ____and reality
        __dance each night and day.

        I am this song that never ends.
        __And I sing my one long swan song,
        ____upon my ears,
        __never ceasing

        ____——ever endlessly.




        When the world is not here
        __——I am.
        When illusion has gone
        __——I remain.
        When unreality wakes up to
        ________ congratulate me
        __——I run away.

        I am beyond the real
        __and the unreal.
        Behond the holy
        __and the unholy.
        __and untruth.
        __and there.

        All the world is asleep to me,
        __yet I am the only one at rest.
        All the world is deaf and dumb to
        __________ me,
        __yet I am the only one who knows

        And I curse the words
        __of the blessed who find me.
        And condemn them
        __from the proud singing tree
        ____to the old silent cage.

        My truth silences me.
        __All words fail me.

        Even this honest song

        __——was a grand lie.




          PART FIVE



          VERSE XXVIII


          Tell me, friend——
          __where did you seek
          ____to go in this world?
          And what did you dream
          __lay at the end
          ____of all these many roads?
          Did you truly believe
          __you would find it,
          ____and pick a rose from its secret

          Did you never suspect,
          __just once,
          ____the destination for which
          ______________you lived
          __did not exist?
          And those who cheat death
          __by one hundred years
          ____barely reach my first breath?

          So let go your rusted rail
          __and learn to love this storm.
          The body is the vessel
          __that stops you merging back into
          The mind is the anchor
          __tethering you
          ____to the shores of this world.
          So pray furiously,
          __that a great wind my thrash your
          ____and wash you back
          __upon my shoreless shore.

          Then, understanding this,
          __on quiet days
          ____where the lovely sun shines
          __and the songbirds sing,
          ____you shall soon
          __grow jealous of

          ____——the dead.


          VERSE XXIX


          The morning arrives,
          __the dew evaporates from the
          ____Why complicate things?
          The night falls,
          __the moon waxes.
          ____Could life be any simpler?
          I take a long sleep,
          __the world begins.
          ____Why trouble over a storm in a

          There are no trespassers in my fields
          __to tie down my heart.
          I carry no sword or shield.
          Like the little brook,
          __I skip swearless
          ____over the fallen oak
          __back toward my ocean.

          At dusk,
          __on fishing boats in the harbor,
          ____I lie around
          __and pour many selves wine.
          Then, at midnight,
          __I visit this world,
          ____and wander from room to

          I watch fools fight
          __and the wise make love.
          In other places,
          __people pray I grant them
          ____what they already have.

          __I throw on my splendid coat,
          ____and leave them all to it——


          VERSE XXX


          Be illuminated!
          __Watch the stars.
          ____——They know the truth.
          Be playful!
          __Watch the children.
          ____——They know the truth.
          Be simple!
          __Watch the trees.
          ____——They know the truth.
          Be still!
          __Watch the dead.
          ____——They know
          __the truth.

          Your world is the cart,
          __and I am the cart driver.
          Your body is the pot,
          __and I am the pot maker.
          Your blood is red wine,
          __and I am the winemaker.
          Your thoughts are gray clouds,
          __and I am the rainmaker.
          Your words are my breath,
          __and I am
          ____the breath——

          Your are the dream,
          __I am
          ____——the Dream Maker.



          When illusion and reality
          __are strange shapes
          ____that melt in your thoughts.

          When you are at once at the altar,
          __the pilgrim who circles it,
          ____and the prayer he offers.

          When your vision is immovable
          __and illuminable,
          ____yet completely blind
          __to all creation.

          When alpha devours omega,
          __infinity becomes finite,
          ____and eternity draws to
          __“The End.”

          When there is nothing left
          __that is holy,
          ____and nothing that is not.

          When there is no day
          __nor night to be spoken of,
          ____and time has been put away.

          When nightmares and dreamscapes
          __have woken up
          ____to their own extinction.

          When intelligence and emotion
          __and knowledge and wisdom
          ____have all understood the
          __of absolutely nothing.

          When selflessness is absurd,
          __charity shameless,
          ____and detachment insane.

          When you are no longer home,
          __heading there,
          ____or lost.

          When there is no more north
          __to guide you forward,
          ____or south
          __to ground your feet.

          When the seeker
          __becomes the sought,
          ____and the made
          __becomes the maker.

          When the door through which
          __you long sought to pass
          ____lies already closed behind.

          When “The Good Fight”,
          __“The Journey”,
          ____and “The Way”
          __all prove to be elaborate detours.

          When you have never be born,
          __let alone could possibly die.

          When your dwellings are free
          __from interior and exterior.

          When there is no bondage
          __to be free of
          ____and no freedom
          __to speak of.

          When you can no longer renounce,
          __or possess,
          ____a single atom.

          When you have devoured
          __your own tail,
          ____and found nothing left over.

          When beginnings,
          ____and ends
          __are one moment that never
          ____________ happened.

          When not a single good deed
          __has ever been done,
          ____nor a single sin
          __ever begun.

          When you are anchored
          __so deep beneath,
          ____there is no coming or going.

          When time has orphaned you,
          __and no past, present, or future
          ____exist to belong to.

          When your palms, the sky,
          __the birds, your lovers,
          ____the warm earth beneath your
          __are not,
          ____and never were.

          And finally,
          __when you understand
          ____you shall never arrive,
          __and all honorable quests
          ____were made in vain.

          You shall ultimately see,
          __when you touch the sun
          ____——only I remain.

          __like a queen wears her robe,
          ____you shall wear this all.

          Erotic to the bone,
          __now crowned
          ____The One
          __who has destroyed the world.

          Those that know you
          __shall name you

          Then of what should I sing,
          __but this primordial uni-verse.

          My precious
          __song of the soul,

          ____THE HYMN——